Salon Furniture Choices Are Important Marketing Decisions

Salon Furniture Choices Are Important Marketing Decisions

Quality salon furniture and equipment are important additions to salons/spas everywhere. Furniture decisions also are vital for establishing a strong brand in your market.

Creating a Strong Brand with Your Clients and Prospects

Using the appropriate branding strategies to create a strong brand for your salon/spa in your local market, will help you establish a brand that inspires client loyalty, attracts new clients, and results in profitable sustainability for your business. But, what are the key marketing/branding strategies that enhance your brand? Listen up, please. Here are the most critical strategies that establish your salon as the” go to” option in your market.

  • Create the “right” salon environment for your prospective audience.

    Decide on a “theme” for your salon/spa that appeals to your projected demographic. Employ stylist/spa staff with talent and personality, your furniture and equipment decisions are the next most vital decisions you make.

    For example, if you want an upscale brand, purchase the best-quality furniture you can afford. Be sure these items “fit” your theme. But, I have champagne taste, although my furniture budget suggests I buy beer, you want a supplier that has a reputation for outstanding customer service. While your furniture may look like it’s high-quality, it may not stand up to high traffic well.

    When your furniture needs service, you’ll quickly appreciate the value of superior customer service, as your supplier tries its best to rehab your furniture. If your brand is upscale, you do not want to interrupt your marketing strategy by asking your clients to sit on furniture in need of repair or upgrade.

  • Thoroughly understand your clients’ wants and preferences.

    Translation: Give them what they want to strengthen your brand. Unlike what your competition may believe, they do not determine the value of their brand. Customers determine the strength of your brand.

    If your salon makes clients happy, your brand will be strong. However, if your staff or salon creates neutral or negative customer experiences, your brand strength weakens. These results have little to do with your competition’s action or inaction. Conversely, if your staff and salon is delivering consistent outstanding customer experiences, you’ll see your brand becoming stronger in your market. The choice is yours.

  • Identify your brand position with your competitors.

    Be objective and realistic. Determine your rank relative to your competition. Do not over-or under-estimate your position in the local market. Be as accurate as possible.

    Answer this question: What does your competition offer clients? If your major competition is super high tech, you may want to switch to a retro look and feel to position your salon differently. Suppose your competition offers a casual environment, and low cost basic cuts. You could position your salon as more upscale to penetrate the market for the upscale demographic.

  • Keep your brand message consistent.

    For branding purposes, consistency is a must. Your brand is your business’s personality, which you display consistently in all your marketing and advertising strategies. Whatever “message” you choose to use to brand your salon, be sure to maintain a consistent message that enhances and strengthens your brand.

    Your brand is your lifeblood to sustainability, just as your salon logo was in the late 20th century. While logos are still important to identifying your business brand, it’s been supplanted by a company’s brand and delivering exceptional “customer experiences.” Even though your clients and prospects know what’s coming with your marketing plans and message, they will stay engaged and remain loyal when you exhibit message consistency – and back it up with consistently good service.

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